» Cita con un informático

Cita con un informático

No es que suele suceder con cualquier informático , pero podría pasar. Un poquito de humor para mitad de semana.

Cita con un informatico

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  • By Arjay, June 23, 2012 @ 3:41 am

    Too crude for British audiences, are you mad. We do get to see lots of American shows, some are brilailnt, some are not. The thing is we have such great English/British comedy, we are spoilt for choice. Try to see Gavin Stacey or Peep Show it is british humour at its best. American’s seem to like lots of our stuff, The Office, Ab Fab etc etc, so I think we do have a common thread for humour, and yes, thats how we spell Humour with a u , and the fact that you don’t put a u in Humour is funny in its self.

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